The Best Web 2.0 Software of 2005 (web2.wsj2.com)

Openomy (online file backup) saved my data when recenlty I was plagued by 3 hard drive crashes! Think losing 3 years of work and family pictures (aack!)-- law

Category: Grassroots Use of Web 2.0 - Best Offering: Katrina List Network
Category: Social Bookmarking - Best Offering: del.icio.us

Category: Web 2.0 Start Pages - Best Offering: Netvibes

Description: There are a rapidly growing number of Ajax start pages that allow your favorite content to be displayed, rearranged, and viewed dynamically whenever you want. But if the traffic to this blog is any indication (though possibly it isn't) Netvibes is far and away the most popular one.

Category: Online To Do Lists - Best Offering: Voo2do

Description: Ever more of the software we use on a daily basis is moving online, from e-mail to feed readers. To-do list managers are no exception.

Category: 3rd Party Online File Storage - Best Offering: Openomy

Description: As more and more software moves to the Web, having a secure place for your Web-based software to store files such as documents, media, and other data will become essential. There is a burgeoning group of online file storage services and Openomy is one that I've been watching for a while. With 1Gb of free file storage and an open API for programmatic access to your tag-based Openomy file system, and you have the raw ingredients for secure online storage of your documents wherever you go. There is even a Ruby-binding for the API. Expect lots of growth in this space going forward, especially as other Web 2.0 applications allow you to plug into your online storage service of choice and the desire also grows to offload personal data backup to professionals.

The Best Web 2.0 Software of 2005 (web2.wsj2.com)


Blogger Mind Valley said...

Why do you prefer del.icio.us over www.BlinkList.com? Mike

12/26/2005 07:57:00 PM  

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