The Woodward Bombshell - Plamegate shennanigans sad not only for Woodward, but also for the country.

GlennGreenwald says it all:

How ironic, and sad, to see the arc of Woodward's journalism career -- which began by his courageously exposing a scandal of corruption at the highest levels of the White House, and appears to be ending with his not only defending, but also playing a starring role in perpetuating, similar White House corruption.

It is not sad in any sense for Woodward, but for the country. In many ways, Woodward's personal transformation over three decades from outside-journalist-watchdog (who opposes the Government and subjects its claims to skeptical scrutiny) to insider-government-tool (whose goal is to become ingratiated with the Government and be the well-liked propaganda instrument of its officials) is quite emblematic of the transformation generally over this same time period of the nation's mass media.

Daily Kos: The Woodward Bombshell is a Disaster for the White House


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