Welcome to yearly kos


It's going to be amazing, and we want you there!

The YearlyKos Convention will be planned by the community in open source collaboration. One of the best places to contribute to the planning process is the Think Tank. It's a blog, it's a collaboration, it's, well, whatever you build from it. It's also a place to meet and collaborate with users interested in your particular issue.

We're also asking the Las Vegas community for their input on holding the convention in their backyard. Check out the LAB for all things Las Vegas. There you can find out the best place to take the kids during the convention; which local issues progressives care about; where should we hold parties not scheduled to take place in the hotel.

We've adopted a mission: build community through building conventions. Our philosophy: we do not "own" the YearlyKos Convention, we are here to help build it. You're here, hopefully, to give the convention life and breath.

If you are interested in volunteering, please click on volunteer to let us know your interests. Or drop by the Think Tank or the LAB.

Please look around and explore. The YearlyKos website will become a one-stop shop for all YearlyKos Convention information. And leave us your suggestions and remarks!

Welcome to the YearlyKos!

Welcome | yearly kos


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