Those gravestones at Arlington don’t say Democrat or Republican, they say American

Murtha speech with thanks to Georgia10 live blogging:

10:06 PM MURTHA This is not what I envisioned, not what I introduced (reads his resolution). Forty-five percent of Iraqis think it’s okay to attack Americans (emphasis from his resolution). I didn’t say anything about intelligence, about the president, any of this stuff we’ve heard today. They should be REDEPLOYED. Security should be built through diplomacy. I’ve never had in the 32 years in Congress, 4 to 1, outpouring of people crying, thirsting for a solution.

They want to support the president, I do too. We wanted a criteria in success in the bill because we weren’t happy. No one was telling us what was going on. We needed to put it in writing. I went to Iraq two months ago, talked to commanders who are hesitant to criticize the White House. But I could tell they were discouraged. Marine commander said he didn’t have enough troops at Syrian border because of small number of troops. They’ve fallen 10,000 short. They’re now taking 20% Category 4’s, which they vowed they vowed never to do with a volunteer army.

The war’s not going as advertised.

Wives and widows asking for bipartisan policy on phone. I didn’t introduce this as a partisan resolution.

Those gravestones at Arlington don’t say Democrat or Republican, they say American....

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