Texas oil drilling in uncontacted Indians' reserve

Deadly drilling in

uncontacted Indians' reserve

August 29, 2003

The indigenous peoples in Peru face a project that threatens their very existence with big ties to the White House.

Hunt Oil Company of Texas is the majority investor in the highly controversial Camisea Gas Project in the remote Peruvian Amazon, now drilling in a Reserve for uncontacted indigenous peoples. Uncontacted peoples have little immunity to outsider's diseases.

Within the Nahua-Kugapakori Reserve, an epidemic has recently affected the entire Nanti population. Hunt Oil knew the risks but carried on regardless. In the 1980's, 50 percent of the isolated Nahua people already died from introduced diseases after coming into contact with Shell Oil workers.

Camisea Project representatives have forcibly contacted isolated peoples, worsening the risk of disease and robbing them of the right to chose their own way of life. Indigenous organizations in Peru demand that the entire Project withdraw from the Reserve before tragedy strikes.

Inside the Reserve, an entire culture could be wiped out. Outside the Reserve, the Camisea Project is causing a major drop in the availability fish and game, the main source of food for nearly 7,000 indigenous people in the Lower Urubamba.

Deadly oil drilling in uncontacted Indians' reserve


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