President Clinton's Efforts to End Terrorism - BuzzFlash Perspectives

For eight years the Clinton administration fought hard to counter terrorism, and while we didn't accomplish all that we hoped, we had some important successes."

Response from Roger Cressey, National Security Council senior director for counterterrorism from 1999-2001, and Gayle Smith, special assistant to the president for African affairs from 1998-2001, to Richard Miniter's book "Losing Bin Laden," "which includes a number of erroneous allegations about the Clinton administration's counterterrorism record, many of which were then published in this newspaper."

The FALSE Claim That Clinton Did Nothing to Stop Terrorism or Capture Those Who Performed Terrorist Acts

Claim: The Clinton administration failed to track down the perpetrators of several terrorist attacks against Americans.
Status: False.

Clinton Administration Counter Terrorism Initiative

I. Actions Already Announced by the President

(1) Pass the Omnibus Counter-Terrorism Act of 1995
(2) Provide more tools to federal law enforcement..

President Clinton's Efforts to End Terrorism - BuzzFlash Perspectives


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