Please forget about Bush's TANG pecadillo!!!

Hunter sez:

The mainstream media has revisited the National Guard story sporadically over the years; there simply is no issue, at this point, that Bush obtained a National Guard slot through political influence, that he left the Guard without fulfilling the obligations required of him, and that the most relevant portion of Bush's Guard records somehow managed to "disappear" from the archives before Bush's presidential bid. Right now, the press is increasingly turning on Bush, as Bush's own behaviors seem, shall we say, less than presidential; it might be interesting to see if this substory gains additional traction as part and parcel of the rapidly coalescing conventional wisdom of the man.

I answer:

Please forget about Bush's TANG pecadillo!!! (none / 0)

The GOP talking point about the very serious allegations coming from the Downing Stree memo and Delay's, Rove's, Libby, Frist and Abramoff's legal problems is that this is all a payback for Monicagate. That the Democrats are trying to criminalize a thing that although slightly unethical, 'everybody does it'.

Well, the sins that Bush committed in his TANG discharge are precisely that: Slightly unethical, but thousands did it during the 70's. I personally know at least 10 people who negotiated an early 'honorable discharge' from the service with their CO's.

By focusing on the dubious, insignificant and almost irrelevant 'crime' of getting an early discharge we are making the GOP talking point that ALL the accusations against Bush and his minions is pure Monicagate shennanigans and no 'real' crime has been comitted."

Daily Kos: Former CBS Producer Mary Mapes on Air America Tonight:


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