Living in a Media World - Plamegate as political opera

Funny! -- law

Any of you who thinks Miller testifying before the grand jury was the closing act of this political opera is confused. It is at best at the close of the second act (of a three or four act show

I've now got a firmer handle on how this opera should be staged

The first act has two great arias in it, "There's yellowcake in Niger" sung by The President, and "Ambassadors and Agents" sung by Robert Novak.

The second act features arias, ensembles, and a lot of recitative. Patrick Fitzgerald kicks things off with "Tell me a story," followed by the trio with Judith Miller and Matt Cooper "I've got a subpoena." Cooper then has his show stopping duet with Time editor Norman Pearlstine, "We've run out of options" followed by his aria "I have been released." The act ends with the giant choral number "Judy's turn to cry..." as Miller heads off to jail

Act three picks up two-and-a-half months later with Miller's testimony...

Go read the rest, it is hillarious!
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