Iraqi President Asks Insurgents to Disarm - Yahoo! News

Yeah, right! This 2 weeks after another torture center for regime opposers has been found. Gawd, what an idiot! -- law

CAIRO, Egypt - Iraq's president said Sunday he was ready for talks with opposition figures and members of
Saddam Hussein's outlawed Baath Party, and he called on the Sunni-led insurgency to lay down its arms and join the political process.

However, Jalal Talabani insisted at a reconciliation conference that the Shiite- and Kurdish-dominated government would not meet with Baath Party members or fighters of the Sunni-led insurgency attacking Iraqi and U.S.-led forces in the country.

"I am the president of Iraq and I am responsible for all Iraqis. If those who describe themselves as Iraqi resistance want to contact me, they are welcome," Talabani told reporters at the U.S.-backed and Arab League-sponsored conference. "I want to listen to all Iraqis. I am committed to listen to them, even those who are criminals and are on trial."

Talabani's remarks came amid reports he already met in Cairo with representatives of the former regime. Those reports appeared to catch some Shiite delegates by surprise.

Iraqi President Asks Insurgents to Disarm - Yahoo! News


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