Informed Comment - On lost wars and ressurecting dead dogs

Also from Juan Cole's blog comments:

At 1:26 AM, InplainviewMonitor said...

Suppose there is a dead dog in the house. Then we can either pretend that it is still alive – or just bury it. As it is easy to see, burial will not make the dog any good. Quite on the contrary, it will rot. Nevertheless, the only alternative is to live with the dead dog inside – with all ugly consequences that follow. Since there is no way for the dead dog to leave, it will stay inside indefinitely, so the burial is the only exit strategy for this situation.
Further, the dead dog model for the Iraqi conflict is quite helpful to explain the nature of miscommunication between those who oppose and support this war. Those who are familiar with the basics of regional analysis, for example, from juancole.com, are not likely to trust a single word of war supporters. The reason for this is that they take pro-war argumentation as yet another case for canine resurrection. As for war supporters, they are completely determined to prove that either the dog is just sick and needs more treatment - or that its resurrection is quite possible in one way or another.

Informed Comment


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