Donate to Pakistan Earthquake Victims

PBS had it yesterday: 400,000 are STILL at risk of dying of hunger, wounds and cold exposure. Please donate if you can -- law

Where to Donate?

There are a number of international aid organizations that are currently working on the earthquake relief and rescue effort. To make your contribution, contact any of the following organizations. These websites accept online donations so are encouraged to avail this feature.

List of International Organization Working For South Asia Earthquake

* World Food Programme
* Disasters Emergency Committee
* Red Cross/ Red Crescent
* Islamic Relief Worldwide ( UK )
* Islamic Relief Worldwide
* Mercy Corps
* Tear Fund
* American Red Cross
* Plan International
* AmeriCares
* The British Red Cross
* Canadian Red Cross
* Cathlolic Relief Services
* Care International
* Church World Services
* Christian Aid
* Concern
* Air Serv

* Humedica
* International Medical Corps
* International Rescue Committee
* International Rescue Corps
* Map International
* Medair
* Medecins Sans Frontieres
* Muslim Aid
* Northwest Medical Teams
* Plan USA
* Save The Children USA
* United Methodist Committee On Relief
* World Vision
* Action Aid International
* Action Against Hunger
* Air Serv

* Episcopal Relief and Development
* Operation USA
* Oxfam America
* Relief International
* World Concern
* World Emergency Relief
* Mercy USA
* Brother's Brother Foundation
* Food For Hungry
* International Aid
* International Orthodox Christian Charities
* International Relief Teams
* Lutheran World Relief
* American Refugee Committee
* Baptist World Aid
* Direct Relief International

Donations to President Relief Fund

Alternatively you can donate to President Relief Fund using the information given below:
Title of Account: President's Relief Fund for Earthquake Victims
Bank Name: National Bank of Pakistan
Branch: PM's Secretariat, Islamabad
Branch Code: 1732
A/c No: CA-251-3

Donate to Pakistan Earthquake Victims


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