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by openthread
Tue Nov 01, 2005 at 09:22:58 PM CDT

Chew it up. Spit it out.

Update [2005-11-1 22:22:19 by Hunter]: OK, not to drag this out, but this is pretty damn funny. On the Wall Street Journal's Best of the Web feature, James Taranto says:

[O]n the Angry Left Daily Kos Web site, someone called "Hunter," who claims to be Italian-American even though his name ends in a consonant, has an obscene rant against Alito:

I will be [profanity] [obscenity] Dead And In a Hole In The [obscenity] Ground before I let you claim "Italian American" OR Roman Catholic as a [obscenity] code phrase for [scatalogical vulgarity] conservative reactionaries whose dismissal of womens' [sic] rights, civil rights, worker rights, and pretty much everything else that has made America great make it clear they think all those things are akin to something they would normally scrape off their shoes.

OK, that was pretty funny. Ignoring the "consonant" crack -- and [obscenity] you very much, Wall Street Journal -- two things. First, James, "Hunter" is a screen name.

And second, the entire screed wasn't directed at Alito at all. It was quite pointedly directed at Drudge and others who were publishing the smear. Apparently, "basic reading comprehension" isn't one of the job requirements to work at the Wall Street Journal -- pardon us while we all collectively pretend to be surprised.

Thanks to Kossack Dump Terry McAuliffe for the catch. Ah, noble hacks of the WSJ, if you didn't exist we'd have to invent you.

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