Daily Kos: W's Message Machine Breaks: ANOTHER WH photo-op disaster

W's Message Machine Breaks: ANOTHER WH photo-op disaster
by Magorn [Subscribe]
Thu Nov 03, 2005 at 04:21:20 PM CDT

Are you a little blue because there wasn't as much under the Fitzmas Tree as you were hoping?

Did you go to bed last Wednesday night dreaming of a Frogmarch Karl Indictment Figure with the real metal handcuffs, only to have to settle for a Scooter Libby without any of the treason charges accessory pack?

Well cheer up little camper, even if it isn't obvious, Fitz's investigation has done some serious damage to the WH and it's getting worse every day.

It Seems that KR is so busy scuttling around trying to save his own skin, that he's neglecting his other duties like expertly running the WH's Image Manipulatron-5000. Apparently, in his absence, apparently the amateurs have been trying to do it for themselves. ( he told them NEVER to push the RED button)

And the results would be horrifying if they weren't so side-splittingly, pee-your-pants and blow- coke-out-your-nose-funny

Witness W's disastrous visit to Howard U last week:

Before we start: Yes THAT Howard U. The Harvard of Historically Black Colleges, The birthplace of the Civil Rights Legal Brain trust, the Alma Mater of Thurgood Marshall, and home to student body that, if recent polls are to believed, like him about the same as they like their milk; which is to say 2%. Not the First place you'd think would be well disposed to give the president a real warm welcome to be sure.

But apparently desperate times call for desperate measures. Ol' Georgie is a uniter not a divider after all, and he was bound and determined to show that he was down with his African American Peeps. He'd show that nasty Kanye West he was wrong. HE did too care about Black People. So, our hero bravely ventured out of NW DC, for a photo-op of him nodding attentively while some random black people spoke, and then he'd join them for dinner and eat their unique native foods:

It was Soul Food Thursday at Howard University last week, and many students were looking forward to their favorite meal: fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, collard greens and cornbread. At lunchtime, however, students discovered that much of the campus had been locked down and that the school's cafeteria was off limits.

Apparently, many of them did not know that President Bush and first lady Laura Bush had arrived for a "youth summit" at the Blackburn Center, where the dining hall is located. Stomachs began to growl, tempers flared, and, eventually, a student protest ensued.

Okay lets pause the film strip right there for second and consider the staggering bone-headedness of the WH advance team. Whatever sycophant empty suit is currently running the WH PR dept while KR is scurrying around trying to find an alibi big enough to cover his ass; arranged a Presidential visit on Soul Food Night!

Someone was capable of thinking it was a good Idea for W to be shown proclaiming his concern and understanding for the problems facing African Americans while tucking into a big ol' mess of Fried Chicken and greens!

Holy God! I'd hate to think what would have happened if watermelon had been in season!

Daily Kos: W's Message Machine Breaks: ANOTHER WH photo-op disaster


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