Daily Kos: Who Is the Sixth Journalist? [updated]

Looks like we now know what kept Rove from being indicted (for now at least)
by dumbya [Subscribe]
Sat Oct 29, 2005 at 11:21:28 AM CDT

According to the LA Times Karl Rove once again magically produced an email exchange with Adam Levine.

Lawyers familiar with the case believe these e-mails were one element of a broad, eleventh-hour review of evidence -- coupled with negotiations by Rove's lawyers -- that led Special Prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald not to include him in Friday's action.

"In the normal back-and-forth between prosecutor and defense attorneys, some issues were raised that made the prosecutor step back and have pause for thought as far as his future activities," a source close to Rove said. "He thought, 'This is enough for me to hold off making decisions.' "

Daily Kos: Who Is the Sixth Journalist? [updated]


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