Daily Kos: UPDATED: For Bush: The Idiot's Guide to China

UPDATED: For Bush: The Idiot's Guide to China
by OrangeClouds115
Wed Nov 16, 2005 at 05:22:18 AM CST

Subtitle: What Bush should've read before he got on the plane.

I lived in China, I am fluent in Chinese, and I have a degree in East Asian Studies. I have been thinking about posting about China for a while. When the topic comes up on dKos (or anywhere else, like...to pick a place at random... the White House), there is a lot of ignorance going around.

While a person born in any culture, be it old or new, big or small, is proud of their culture, the Chinese are much like the Americans in that they are used to being the big kahunas. Not only that, but they've been the big kahunas for over 2000 years, whereas we can only boast over 200 years of history and less than a century of big kahuna-ism.

You can't waltz into any country and say "Hey, your government sucks" (although that might find a warm reception in America these days). Even if you think it. You need to do a lot of looking and listening and building relationships, and then you can approach the subject - and at that point, it doesn't have to be confrontational. It'd be nice if Bush learned that before going over there, but I doubt it.

I hear Randi Rhodes and random individuals on dKos and elsewhere make the Chinese out to be some sort of eastern bogeyman. I agree that China needs to take better care of its citizens and its environment - and that our trade policies could use improvement. It's funny how little things changed since the McCartney mission. I don't think anyone can look at modern day China without looking back to the economic changes in 1979, or the events leading up to and after 1949, or even back 2000 years to Qin Shi Huang Di's consolidation and management of the empire with an iron fist. I just wish that Old China Hands would speak up around here every so often and treat us all to a well-informed point of view. As someone who's only lived there for 2 months, I've just got a smattering of knowledge from various experiences, classes, and movies. I don't think I'm the expert we all need. Sad to think I know more about it than our president.

Daily Kos: UPDATED: For Bush: The Idiot's Guide to China


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