Daily Kos: Ugly GOP Smear Stunt Fails Its Objective

Ugly GOP Smear Stunt Fails Its Objective
by Armando
Fri Nov 18, 2005 at 08:49:16 PM CST

The latest incarnation of the New McCarthyism, the ugly Duncan Hunter stunt - the so-called "Murtha" resolution - blew up in their face.

The NYTimes reported that:

House Republicans are attempting to split the ranks of the Democrats tonight by offering a resolution to withdraw American troops from Iraq immediately.

The vote on the rule to bring the Fake Hunter Resolution to the floor for a vote passed 210-202, but every every Democratic representative who voted, voted against the rule and 5 Republicans joined the Democrats.

Obviously, the Republican attempt failed.

The vote itself was unimportant substantively. But politically, it blew up in their faces.

The signature moment was, of course, the ugly attack on Murtha's character by Rep. Jean Schmidt - who called a decorated war veteran a coward. That said it all.

Republicans Walter Jones and Rick Renzi, along with the Democrats, spoke in defense of the character and patriotism of Murtha. By the end, the Republicans were denying that the resolution had anything to do with Murtha. Before they were labelling it the "Murtha Amendment."

The naked attack on dissent, this New McCarthyism, has been thoroughly discredited.

In short, the Republicans went after the wrong Marine.

This is an Open Thread to discuss the one hour debate that will now commence on the Fake Hunter Resolution.

Update [2005-11-18 21:56:28 by Armando]: Henry Hyde opens the debate by praising John Murtha as a "great American." Think that is what they had in mind when this started?

Daily Kos: Ugly GOP Smear Stunt Fails Its Objective


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