Daily Kos: Sunday Times Confirms Hadley was Woodward's Source

By his post Hadley should have been the very last person to out an agent.
At the time he wasn't NSA but he was the NSA's top advisor. Who should never be outing agents. Ugh. Bushies are pathetic! -- law

Sunday Times Confirms Hadley was Woodward's Source
by pontificator
Sat Nov 19, 2005 at 07:01:55 PM CST

Breaking out of London, the Sunday Times confirms Raw Story's report of earlier this week that Bob Woodward's Plame source was none other than National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley:

THE mysterious source who gave America's foremost journalist, Bob Woodward, a tip-off about the CIA agent at the centre of one of Washington's biggest political storms was Stephen Hadley, the White House national security adviser, according to lawyers close to the investigation.

Woodward, the Washington Post reporter who broke the Watergate scandal that forced President Richard Nixon out of office, has refused publicly to divulge the name of his informant without permission, which has thus far been withheld.

It should be noted that the byline on the article is Michael Smith, the reporter who brought us the Downing Street Memo.

Hadley at the time of this conversation with Woodward was up to his eyeballs in the White House response to the Yellowcake SOTU fiasco, and it would therefore not be surprising if he was the pointperson on the Joe Wilson pushback. In light of this most recent revelation regarding his conversation with Woodward, he is now a prime suspect to be Novak's original Administration source for Plame, the mysterious "Mr. X," whose identity has been shrouded in mystery since the date Novak first published the now infamous column that started this whole investigation.

Daily Kos: Sunday Times Confirms Hadley was Woodward's Source


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