Daily Kos: Sen. Kennedy: a reply and a question

Hate to admit it but he is right. The Senate knew Wilson was telling the truth and played deaf... But if we don't forgive the Dems who voted the war resolution we are left with 1-2 Senators... Forgive and forget, let's go after THEM now -- law

where were you in 2003? In his State of the Union address, President Bush lied to the American people, citing debunked and forged intelligence. The president directly contradicted the Oct. 1, 2002 National Intelligence Estimate to state as fact that which George Tenet had called "weak" and "not particularly significant" four months earlier.

You and your colleagues allowed this campaign of fear to continue without significant challenge, as our soldiers were used like chess pieces and poker chips. And you were not hoodwinked by misrepresentations and hidden documents, because as we now know, in 2002 the CIA told Congress "that the Africa story [was] overblown" and that Iraq's reported attempt to purchase uranium was "one of the two issues where [the CIA] differed with the British." (SSCI report on the IC's Prewar Intelliegence Assessment).

To the dKos users preparing to flay me alive, first, take note of that: not the Niger story, as Rice and Fleischer would later claim, but the Africa story. In Oct. 2002, the CIA told Congress that claims about Iraq, AFRICA, and uranium were unsupportable. Yet only Joesph Wilson would finally call him on it.

So why, Sen. Kennedy, is there such a deficit of courage and leadership that our country's best hope for redemption sits on the shoulders of a former U.S. ambassador? Though Wilson could only say that he had been tasked to investigate a report and found it wanting, he still took the chance, risked his reputation, his safety, and heavy legal consequences to try and stop what he saw as an abominable abuse of power. Yet all the while, our elected representatives who knew that which Wilson suspected to be true, refused to draw the same line in the sand. They refused to join him in open and honest rebellion.

Daily Kos: Sen. Kennedy: a reply and a question


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