Daily Kos: The Next Corner For Bush's Iraq Debacle

All the stomping and screaming by Republicans yesterday about "NEVER WITHDRAWAL!" was ridiculous. And WHOLLY political. As has been everything Republicans have done on Iraq policy. Right after the debate, this broke:

The top U.S. commander in Iraq has submitted a plan to the Pentagon for withdrawing troops in Iraq, according to a senior defense official.

Gen. George Casey submitted the plan to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. It includes numerous options and recommends that brigades -- usually made up of about 2,000 soldiers each -- begin pulling out of Iraq early next year.

So why the ugly smear stunt by the Republicans yesterday? Why the New McCarthyism? I think they know no other way. It is always a political campagn for Republicans. The only war they really know how to fight and want to fight is against Democrats. I also, and I am totally serious about this, blame Fred Hiatt, the Editorial Page Editor of the Washington Post, who wrote:

Democrats would view [loss of support for the Iraq Debacle] as an advantage. Their focus on 2002 is a way to further undercut President Bush, and Bush's war, without taking the risk of offering an alternative strategy -- to satisfy their withdraw-now constituents without being accountable for a withdraw-now position.

Many of them understand that dwindling public support could force the United States into a self-defeating position, and that defeat in Iraq would be disastrous for the United States . . . [b]ut the taste of political blood as Bush weakens, combined with their embarrassment at having supported the war in the first place, seems to override that understanding.

In essence, the fake "Murtha Resolution" was Fred Hiatt's idea. And now the chickens come home to roost. Because, whatever happens in Iraq on and after the December 15 elections, the Bush Administration will, I predict, announce a policy of troop withdrawal. The Bush Administration will NOT the stay the course. And they will do this for purely POLITICAL reasons. They will not have had a change of heart on policy. Indeed, I think it is clear they have no policy.

I think the dirty little secret is the Bush Administration has never had a substantive policy on Iraq

Daily Kos: The Next Corner For Bush's Iraq Debacle


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