Daily Kos: The Impact of the African Diaspora

The Impact of the African Diaspora
by ePluribus Media [Subscribe]
Fri Nov 18, 2005 at 08:20:41 AM CST

An ePluribus Media Book Review
by Aaron Barlow

The Cycle of Doom: Selected Essays in Discourse & Society
by Dubem Okafor (Brooklyn, NY: Shakespeare’s Sister & Lulu, 2005)
Order through Lulu.

The African diaspora: What is its impact on literature and on society, both in Africa and in the new homes of displaced Africans? In his book of essays and reviews collected from past work, Dubem Okafor tries to answer this question. A poet, a native of Nigeria who has studied in Nigeria, England, Canada and the United States — and who now makes his home in Pennsylvania — Dr. Okafor is particularly well-suited for this exploration. His conclusions, though, are not particularly pleasant: As he says in the first page of his preface, “The joyous spirit bade adieu a long time ago.”

Daily Kos: The Impact of the African Diaspora


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