Daily Kos: I have the blood of oppressors in my veins

I have the blood of oppressors in my veins
by lawnorder
Thu Nov 24, 2005 at 01:37:04 PM CST

And I have the blood of the oppressed.

Native American
I have Native American blood. The keyword here is American. My great-gran-gran was an Indian in South America, also part of the continent, but not considered "America".

White ?
My great-gran-granpa was Spanish. White but not Anglo Saxon. So I am gently nudged by nurses and government bureaucrats to skip the "White" checkbox and stick to the "Latino" or "Hispanic" on any form I fill. My ivory snow skinned blonde daughter may eventually get the privilege of using the "white" checkbox. But since she is too young to do it herself, and usually I'm the one who is filling the forms she still gets "the look". And sometimes "the question"
- "Are you sure you checked the proper box ? Aren't you her mother ? (i.e. aren't you Hispanic ?)"

But not all on my bloodline were victims. My Spanish ancestors exterminated a sizable portion of the South American natives to make way for the Spanish Empire. And one of the Spanish conquerors descendants married and had kids with a native. Hence me.

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History is often ironic. My Spanish ancestors were oppressed once, before oppressing people in America. For more than 1,000 years they were ruled by Arab conquerors. Sure enough my sassy ancestors communed with the enemy and an Arab/ Spanish bloodline was born. Hence me.

Empire Builders
My Arab ancestors were not the only empire builders in my bloodline. My Italian ancestors also built a 1,000+ year Empire. The family history gets murky for that period but being my family from Venice, where Marco Polo left for the Orient, and being the sassy blood mixers they were, I have my suspicions. My son was born with a blue birthmark on his .. tushie.. that I'm told occurs on Asiatic babies. Definitely not from my husband's lily white WASP bloodline. So don't rule out yet another mix running through my veins.

Love conquers all
That is what the mixed blood in my veins means to me. That is what I teach my kids, when I tell them to be proud of their mixed heritage. We are living, breathing proof that opposite sides can get together. That despite of generations of "bad blood" between two cultures, it's descendants can get along well with each other. Love each other. Build a new culture together. That we don't have to be bound by the mistakes of our past.

And that someday it won't matter what color your skin is. There will be no checkboxes for it in the forms. Because on that day, if we as a species survive to see it - it will be known by all that WE ARE ALL RELATED

Mitakuye Oyasin!

Daily Kos: I have the blood of oppressors in my veins


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