Daily Kos: Frameshop: Rumsfeld Turns on Bush (ALERT HOUSE DEMS)

Daily Kos: Frameshop: Rumsfeld Turns on Bush (ALERT HOUSE DEMS)

Frameshop: Rumsfeld Turns on Bush (ALERT HOUSE DEMS)
by Jeffrey Feldman [Unsubscribe]
Fri Nov 18, 2005 at 05:39:09 PM CST

Normally, I would not post another story on a topic that is on the Rec list, but this diary about this Washington Post story is so important--so important--that I believe we should do everything we can on this site to get the House Democrats to mention this on the floor.

This diary contains talking points to be repeated during the current House Resolution Debate.

(talking points after the fold)

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These talking points are intended to be used by House Democrats and anyone else on the floor of the United States Congress:


1. Today, Donald Rumsfeld turned against President Bush on the Iraq war.
2. With the President out of the country in Asia, Donald Rumsfeld said in a Washington Post interview the President did not heed his warning about preparing for problems in Iraq.
3. Donald Rumsfeld also claimed that his opposition to the President on Iraq was hidden in a memorandum that has not been released to the public.
4. Hence, Donald Rumsfeld also turned on President on the issue of the truthfulness.
5. When the Secretary of Defense questions the President's Iraq policy, that is a sign that there is something wrong.
6. In light of Donald Rumsfeld's criticisms of President Bush's Iraq policy, today, any suggestion by House Republicans that Democratic critique of President Bush is unpatriotic, un-American, or against the troops is unjust.
7. The war in Iraq is not going as advertised.
8. When even the President's own Secretary of Defense is questioning the President's actions leading up to the war on Iraq, it is time for the country to have a serious debate.

Please do everything you can to get these talking points to the House Floor.

If recommending this diary will be helpful to that end, but all means do so. Otherwise, cross-post, email, get the word out.

Let's influence this debate from right here, right now.


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