Daily Kos: Ewwww...I Went to High School with Rove! (w/Picture!)

I think I knew that Karl Rove had grown up in Salt Lake City, and I may have even heard that he went to Olympus High School in the late 60's, out in the eastern 'burbs where all the rich Mormons live (though neither he nor I were LDS), but I guess I heard that back in the early days of Bushboob's tenure and it never really took hold because nobody knew who Karl Rove really was.

Then I read a column in the current issue of Funny Times by Dr. Brian Moench, another classmate I vaguely remember (they were sophomores in the class of '69, I was a not-cool senior in the class of '67) about Karl at Olympus HS, and the whole horrid truth came rushing back to me.

I ran out to the garage, dug thru the boxes and found my copy of The Odyssey - 1967, turned to the sophomore photographs and...

Oh my god, there he was in all his 16 year-old-glory: Ewwwwww!

I can honestly say that I never knew him but it scares the hell out of me to think I might have seen him naked in gym class with Coach Kristopolous or something. Ewwwwww.....

God, if I'd killed him back then I'd just be getting out of prison now, but I'd be a hero (if only anyone knew).

I'm sorry to spoil your weekend with a photo of 16 y/o Karl, but someone had to step up the plate. Any other Olympus HS grads out there in the Land o' Kos who have photos from '68 or '69? I don't because I fled the Promised Valley the moment I could and left Karl to fester into the sore that he became.

Daily Kos: Ewwww...I Went to High School with Rove! (w/Picture!)


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