Daily Kos: An Ethnicity-Baiting Chris Matthews Flat-Out Lied

An Ethnicity-Baiting Chris Matthews Flat-Out Lied
by Hunter
Mon Oct 31, 2005 at 09:49:28 PM CDT

Well look what we have here. Tim Chapman at Townhall has the entire Democratic document that Chris Matthews called "disgusting", and which Republican liars from Drudge on down are using as the basis of their claim that Democrats attacked Alito for being Italian American. Yeah, the attack I talked about here.

Only one problem. Read the so-called "disgusting" memo. It doesn't say anything like that. Do a search. The word "Italian" isn't even in it. The whole so-called "outrage" has been a complete fabrication by Chris Matthews, by Matt Drudge, and by the perennially race-baiting right.

Oh, by all means, the memo talks about 'Scalito', a long-held nickname given to Alito by legal friend and foe alike to describe his far right, Scalia-like views.

And -- horror of horrors -- one point out of fifteen talks about a case where as a U.S. Attorney, Alito failed to win convictions of twenty mobsters after the longest criminal trial in U.S. history.

Doesn't say anything even remotely implying Alito had any connection to the mobsters except prosecuting them and apparently botching the case. Doesn't say anything at all about Alito being an Italian American. Doesn't imply jack-shit about it.

So Chris "Fair Game" Matthews, in addition to being the smarmy sack of pundit crap that we always knew he was, flatly made up the part about the Italian American slam in the memo. He lied. He put two-and-two together in his own head, and came up with Mobsters = Italian = Alito as his own slam, then sold it as a "disgusting" Democratic attack.

Daily Kos: An Ethnicity-Baiting Chris Matthews Flat-Out Lied


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