Daily Kos: DailyKos: Year In Review (And that "Vicious" Markos...)

DailyKos: Year In Review (And that "Vicious" Markos...)
by georgia10 [Unsubscribe]
Fri Nov 18, 2005 at 08:03:16 AM CST

I've officially been on this site for a little over one year. Here is my first diary, which, oddly enough, has more comments than my last diary! How embarassing....but I digress.

What amazes most about this site is the sheer intellectual capital here. There's no way to be a poser on this site; if you don't know your shit, you'll get called on it (by experts in the field, even). Why do you think we have Congresscritters posting here so often? Because we're not only the most political active (yeah, yeah, they want our votes obviously), but we "get it" in the sense that we look through the spin and address issues objectively, based on fact.

Now, speaking of Congresscritters, I want to draw your attention to Amy Klobuchar, a Senate candidate for Minnesota who both advertises on this site and had a highly successful diary a couple days ago. The Minnesota Republican Party is demanding that Amy Klobuchar "disavow vicious Daily Kos":

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The Republican Party of Minnesota has called on Amy Klobuchar to apologize for advertising and guest blogging on the malicious Daily Kos website.

"It is deeply troubling to see Amy Klobuchar align herself with the likes of Markos Moulitsas Zuniga and his vicious left-wing website, the Daily Kos. Mainstream Minnesotans aren't going to take kindly to Amy Klobuchar's close involvement with someone who holds such mean-spirited and extreme positions," Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Ron Carey said.

The positions they cite are actually quite funny (I particularly like the "French were right" one). The point is that this site is the T-Rex of the blogosphere, and I'd like to take a moment to review exactly why we've reached this point, this state where we have become such a formidable force.

1. Pushing for an examination of Ohio Fraud: The research and activism in investigating possible fraud and voter suppression in Ohio kept the issue of voting rights front and center months after the election.
2. Exposing Gannon/Guckert: From parsing videos of brief briefings to discern a hard pass v. a day pass, members played an intergral role in exposing the shill as--well, a shill. In the process, we silenced a right-wing propaganda outlet, Talon News.
3. DowningStreetMemo.com: Minutes vs. memo, whatever you called the documents, members rallied around them, intent on bringing them to the public, since the media would not do its job. DowningStreetMemo.com was born here, and not only is it a kick-ass site (check out the timeline!) but it still is very relevant. With the current discussion about the runup to war, it is still an invaluable resource, and, just to prove how important it still is, even John Kerry mentioned the documents yesterday to Wolf Blitzer.
4. Amina Ali Abduladif: She was the 21 year old mother facing imminent execution for a crime she likely did not commit in Yemen. DailyKos members, along with thousands across the nation, contacted the embassy and pleaded for her life. Her life was spared, and her case got reviewed.
5. EPluribusMedia: Born here at Daily Kos, the site has taken off, with some of the best, objective reporting I've seen in a while.

From the comments:
6. Drafting A Sustainable Energy Policy: Devilstower, MeteorBlades, and Jerome a Paris have put in countless hours crafting a blueprint energy policy for the Democrats based on their own knowledge and invaluable input from this community. See here,here and here.

7. Dissecting Judy's Story: emptywheel and others researched and wrote comprehensive, analytical diaries on Judith Miller's actions.
8. Darksyde's Science Diaries: Can't we just publish them all as a book, they're that good!
9. AlphaGeek's "Are You Ready For Disaster" Series: A comprehensive disaster manual even FEMA couldn't write.
10. RubDMC's Iraq War Grief Daily Witness Series: A constant reminder of the cost of war that for over a year has published photos the press won't talk about.

There are dozens more, so please, add other noteworthy accomplishments in the comments below (I'll update accordingly). This isn't about backslapping; it's about acknowledging that the members of this community are action-orientated, and have had an impact on not just politics, but individual lives as well.

Daily Kos: DailyKos: Year In Review (And that "Vicious" Markos...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"had a highly successful diary a couple days ago."

Really? Did you read it? She dodged every substantive question and it was painfully obvious that she had staffers and non-Kos posting supporters trolling the "chat". I think Minnesota Dems need to look elsewhere.

11/18/2005 02:51:00 PM  
Blogger lawnorder said...

I didn't read the diary. But in Kos it is impossible for non Kos users to troll a diary, as new users are prevented from posting in the same day they register.

Anyhow, I'm keeping the comment, since I don't know who is correct.

12/08/2005 02:50:00 PM  

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