Daily Kos: Berlusconi Up To His Ears In TreasonGate (Forgery Edition)

Berlusconi Up To His Ears In TreasonGate (Forgery Edition)
by Phoenix Woman [Subscribe]
Sat Oct 29, 2005 at 08:11:21 PM CDT

In all the hoo-ha over Scooter and Turd Blossom, don't forget the Italian connection to TreasonGate. Fitz sure hasn't.

Silvio Berlusconi, who up until now has been Bush's best buddy in Europe outside of Tony "Poodle Boy" Blair himself, is trying to put as much daylight between himself and Bush as he can. He's now even trying to claim that he opposed the invasion of Iraq and tried to stop Bush from doing it.

But that's not what the Italian paper La Repubblica is saying. (More on the flip.)

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Contrary to what he's now saying, Silvio Berlusconi not only was Bush's eager little helper in the runup to the invasion of Iraq, he was behind the creation of the forged Niger yellowcake documents that "proved" Saddam either had nuclear weapons or was trying like mad to get them.

Blogger and Eschaton habitué Nur al-Cubicle has provided English translations of the three La Repubblica articles in question:

Berlusconi behind fake yellowcake dossier (Berlusconi, hoping to please his buddy Bush, demanded the Italian intelligence services give him something he could give to Bush)

Yellowcake dossier not the work of the CIA (in fact, the CIA wanted nothing to do with it)

The Centrifuge Scam (The Italians knew that Saddam's centrifuges were intended for innocuous uses. But they knew better than to try to tell that to Bush)

Don't expect this to be in your local papers -- unless you show it to them.

Daily Kos: Berlusconi Up To His Ears In TreasonGate (Forgery Edition)


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