You can't use a "Tinkerbell defense" if Tinkerbell is not looking sick...

Remember you had to "clap louder" to save Tinkerbell from dying of sadness ? And have you noticed how sad and downtrodden Bush is acting lately ? Clap louder or TinkerBush will die of sadness... But IMHO it is all an act: They are trying to shame and guilt waving Bush supporters into coming back to his rescue.

Notice how Bush has always been painted as a guy who needs to be protected from the viciousness of lib'rals, who "hate Bush no matter what he does and would hate him even if he found the cure to cancer"...

Unlike Welshman below, I believe his recent beaten up image is part of his act: It is to show the weight of the world in his shoulders... the misunderstood protector.. The Dirty Harry, lone ranger who protects US despite all criticism.. The poor daddy that lives for his family and only gets snippy remarks from his bratty kids... All underscoring the message: Defend him like a mother cub, clap louder or TinkerBush will die of sadness... -- law

The Bush Implosion - The Quickening Disintegration
by Welshman
Thu Oct 6th, 2005 at 06:21:29 CDT

Like many of you, I witnessed the Press Briefing by Bush earlier in the week. Unlike many of you, I didn't see an alcoholic or a drug abuser. I saw a tired, jaded man who has lost all confidence. A man who senses that his place in history will be marked by his recklessness in sending the sons and daughters of his country to die in an unjust foreign war whilst the poor and the needy at home were neglected and ignored...

He is a man ..on his miserable journey to inevitable political and personal collapse. It was all there in the hunched figure gripping the podium, a mental weariness showing on his face and a slurred fatigue displayed in his voice... He is a man beginning to perceive that the next three years will be a period of increasing isolation and contempt by others whilst he remains trapped in serving out his term.

Daily Kos :: Comments The Bush Implosion - The Quickening Disintegration


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