Who benefits from recruiting homeschooled teens ? HR 3753/S 1691 Military section i

One theory I heard is that it is the fundies who will benefit, by filling up the military with their people... Kinda like a Christian Army. Sounds a bit far fetched IMHO. I mean, how many homschooled kids can there be after all ? They would never be the majority of the military! -- law

In reading the text of Section 503 of the current enlistment law, it appears that the changes proposed by HR 3753 and S 1691 concerning enlistment aren’t to the existing section, but instead will create an entirely new section, 503a, dealing solely with homeschooled teens.

The proposed change to Chapter 31 of title 10, United States Code by H.R. 3753/S. 1691, is inserting after section 503 the following new section, that echoes some existing requirements which result in no gain for homeschoolers, and creates homeschooling as the only class of potential recruits with its own subsection:

* Sec. 503a. Recruitment and enlistment of home-schooled students

All in favor of DoD defining homeschooling, raise your hands … so you can answer the question: Qui bono?

News and Commentary � HR 3753/S 1691 Military section is brand new


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