The White Rose Society needs help

Funding Drive In Progress

Dear friends,
When we had our last fundraiser, in May, we asked for funds to get us through to the start of August. Well, we made the funds stretch an additional month and a half, but now we have to once again ask you for a contribution to keep White Rose growing and on the air.

We have ambitious plans for the coming months. We are launching a streaming and syndication service to feed great Liberal and Progressive shows to on-air radio stations. I see this as an important outreach effort; If we can get some of the show hosts we feature here on White Rose heard by the general public, it advances the Liberal/Progressive cause White Rose exists to support.

We are working with several new and existing radio shows to cement this in the near future, but we are very excited by this opportunity. This includes the imminent return of "Head-On With Bob Kincaid".

If this works out, we will not have to appeal to you for funds in the future. I hope we can make the transition to being entirely self-supporting by next summer.

Our present fundraiser is necessarily as ambitious as our plans; We need to pay employees, lease more server capacity, purchase software (we use open source software when we can, but some things must be purchased), and buy some more equipment for the studio.

However, please do NOT donate anything to White Rose unless you have first done something to help the Hurricane Relief efforts now underway. The Bush administration has made totally inadequate plans to help the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, so we who are people of conscience must step in and take over the relief efforts.

Thank you SO much for your support and patronage now and in the past.

- Ben Burch,
White Rose Society Webmaster

The White Rose Society


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