What the Bushies think about the gullibility of the American people ? See Plame Game

Who was this source for Waas? My nominations and their motivations: (Please feel free to speculate in the comments if you have more to add. I know I'm missing someone. And...some of these are just for fun. Probably don't have to say it for the regulars, but I don't want wingnut e-mails. Some of those folks have a very small...sense of humor.)

- Karl Rove -- Falling on his sword for Bushie, earning GOP loyalty points and saving his machine for Mehlman to run for him while he's...ahem...away.
- Andy Card -- Saving Bushie, getting Karl out of his way so the Preznit can get back to...um...whatever it is he does left to his own devices.
- Karen Hughes -- The Middle East listening tour? Not so fun, and she wants her old job back. But what to do with the Dough Boy?
- George Tenet -- Finding a place to stick that knife that Rove has been trying to put in his back. Never, ever mess with the Company.
- WH Counsel's Office -- Things aren't so peachy for Harriet at the moment. Might be a little distracting if Rove went down in flames.
- Scotty McCellan -- "See how you like the press briefings now, beeyatch."
- Scooter Libby -- If Karl goes down, maybe everyone will get a pardon.
- Barney -- That Rove guy smells like mothballs.

All kidding aside, for me the bottom line is this: it simply is not credible that Rove would just forget altogether conversations with Cooper, Novak, Pincus, Kessler, Russert and/or Miller (and whomever else that we haven't heard mentioned) after just a couple of months. (I know Rove hasn't been directly linked with every one of these journalists, but since they have all come up as having a WH source, I'm including them since Rove may have been involved in planning for the conversations with them.) That's too many conversations about a single subject over a concentrated period of time, when Wilson was on Meet the Press and other news shows and Bushie's poll numbers were dropping faster than the drawers of a whore with her rent due.

The discussions with these reporters occurred through June and July of 2003 -- after the Nigerian envoy op-ed in the Times but prior to Amb. Wilson's byline op-ed there in early July. The President spoke with Rove, according to Waas, in the early Fall of 2003. I know that Rove has a lot on his plate, but he had to know this would come up -- especially when his name was linked in media reports as a possible leaker at the time -- and he just didn't bother to think about the multiple conversations that he had with reporters where he mentioned "Wilson's wife" as being the least bit relevent? Especially the one where he told Chris Matthews that she was fair game?!? And that was closer in time to when the President would have been speaking to Rove. Come on!

This is either a very telling commentary on how the Preznit's staff truly thinks about him and his level of gullibility and ignorance -- or it is a telling commentary on what the entire Administration thinks about the gullibility and ignorance of the American people.

firedoglake: 10/02/2005 - 10/08/2005


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