Welcome to Google Reader - Another Web 2.0 tool

Welcome to Google Reader
Spend your time reading what you care about most.

To get started: In the search box above, enter the name of a news source or topic (e.g., new york times or college football) and click "Search for new content."

When you find something that looks interesting click on its title to preview. Click on a subscribe button to get new items from that site whenever it updates.

If you know where a feed lives you can enter the feed URL.

Or you can import subscriptions from other programs. You can export them as well.



Blogger Chris Nolan.ca said...

If you want to make it easier for people to subscribe to your feed in google reader check out the buttons I've made @ http://chrisnolan.ca/archive/ID/658.
Damn, that sounds like spam, sorry.

10/09/2005 05:31:00 AM  

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