We are watching the end of an historic period.. The US empire is crumbling

Blogger Chris from Strolling around Lost Lagoon has a great piece on the US' recent troubles -- law

The world looks increasingly similiar to the mediterenean in the fifth century. A powerful empire the believes it's rule is the best thing that ever happened to nations it has conquered, either militarily or economically, is increasingly under attack.

Natural forces, and forces military are attacking this empire as the world around it changes. Rome had Pompeii, perhaps Katrina and Rita are the heralds of the end of this empire. The term barbarian used to mean, non-roman. People who do not subscribe to the US view of the world are increasingly called terrorists.

Around the world waves of change are happening, except in the United States. The US is increasingly isolated from the rest of the world. A slow motion economic collapse is occuring, since 2002 the US dollar has lost 25% of it's value. If this had happened in any other country in the world the IMF would be sending teams of experts and the Wall Street Journal would be writing "tsk, tsk" ...

We are witnesses to history, we are watching the end of an historic period. The US is the most powerful nation in the history of the world, and it's the one who has had the shortest reign of world domination.

Strolling around Lost Lagoon: crush him in my fist


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