The Volokh Conspiracy - Ward Churchill is a consummate liar

Since I have often defended Churchill's right to speak his mind, I decided to post a concise summary of the other accusations against him coming from conservative blog The Volokh Conspiracy, for balance. Personally, I don't like that essay where Churchill went about saying the "Little Eichmann"s parallel to bureaucrats who turn a blind eye to the end result of their work and 9/11 as a karmic revenge for their actions, although I agree that a lot of Wall Street's power brokers and investors are a prime example of Little Eichmann's. I just don't agree that ANYONE deserves to be killed for doing their job. Except when the "job" doesn't entails killing people or ensuring the swift delivery of people to be killed.

As an interesting sidenote, Volokh, so enraged by the "Little Eichmann's" comment, is a supporter of torturing terrorists and Gitmo interrogation techniques. Funny how he loves our own torturers but abhors seeing people compared to the Nazi torturers, heh ? -- law

[It] is perfectly obvious to to anyone who has been reading Colorado newspapers over the last several weeks--that Churchill is a consummate liar. There is overwhelming evidence--which Churchill has failed to refute in even a minimally plausible way--of the following falsehoods by Churchill:

As detailed by Lamar University's Thomas Brown, Churchill's writings claim that the U.S. Army deliberately caused an 1837 smallpox epidemic among the Sioux by distributing infected blankets. Yet the very sources cited by Churchill state that the epidemic was accidentally spread by travelers and that the army had nothing to do with it.

As detailed by the University of New Mexico law school's John LaVelle in the American Indian Quarterly and the Wicazo Sa Review, Churchill has lied about the 1887 General Allotment Act (falsely claiming that the Act required proof of a certain percentage of Indian blood in order for a person to be eligible to be allotted personal land on Indian reservations) .. LaVelle further demonstrates multiple instances of plagiarism by Churchill and of citing sources for the opposite of what they really said.

Churchill's academic career has also included time as Instructor of studio art and art history at Black Hills State College, and he promoted himself as an "Indian artist" until a 1990 law federal prohibited non-Indians from selling their work as Indian art. As detailed detailed by KCNC television, Churchill's 1981 serigraph "Winter Attack" is plagiarized from a nearly identical painting by the renowned artist Thomas Mails. Churchill merely reversed the left-to-right imagery, and colored a bush green.

"Professor Churchill's right to speak what he believes to be the truth" does not protect Churchill's apparently false claims that he received paratrooper training the Vietnam War, and that he served in a long-range reconnaissance patrol unit--although his military records show that he was instead in the motor pool. Mount Holyoke history professor Joseph Ellis was stripped of his endowed chair and suspended without pay for a year because of similar lies about his own Vietnam record.

As detailed by KHOW's radio's Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman and by the Pirate Ballerina weblog, Churchill's entire academic career has been based on advancement through his bogus claim to be part Indian.

.. Two [of Churchill's] former students have alleged that their grades were lowered in retaliation for their exercise of freedom of speech. (One student wrote a campus newspaper article reporting the evidence that Churchill is not an Indian; another student suffered retaliation for disagreeing with Churchill's statements in class that the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was a good thing.) A CU professor reported that Churchill physicially threatened her because she favored naming a building after a retired administrator, rather than after an Indian tribe, as Churchill preferred...

[Just a note on the "Churchill is not an Indian" accusation: I'm told by native Americans that this kind of "pure blood" requirement is proof that the person who accuses someone of it has no idea of what being Indian is all about...

Several more accusations, go read if you are in the mood for right wing ranting. -- law

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