VHeadline.com - Franz J. T. Lee: Fate, HAARP, Project Sunshine and other WMD

A Venezuelan Moonbat (yep, there are some that fit the description and Franz Lee does) who worries about HAARP, bio filters, big foot (ok, I made the last one up), etc... Oh, and HARP and ELF waves "are a form of mind control" according to Lee. Did he take his medication the morning he wrote this ? ? I'm quoting part of his mad ramblings because they are the quintessential tin foil hat material. Funny and sad in a way... ELF may not mess with anyone else's mind but it sure messed up his mind!!! -- law

Do we know how to defend ourselves against extra low frequency (ELF) mind and thought control mechanisms?

Against HAARP?

What could happen if Big Brother would supply the four Nazi "stormtroopers of the apocalypse", the "Carlos Gang", or their future equivalents, with these E-weapons? They could influence, direct and control the very health of the president, of the sovereign, of the people, by attacking their very brains with a sabotage frequency below 100 Hz. In its over-all social damage, this could be worse than any economic sabotage. In this case, fate or faith will or cannot defend us anymore.

Concerning the HAARP projects of the Pentagon, NASA and NATO, by means of a gigantic, energetic slingshot, the Rumsfeld war machine could heat up the ionospere, convert it into a huge electro-magnetic mirror, and would thus be able to direct the ELF-waves to any place or person, to anywhere, to where they wish, hence influencing all life systems, including human consciousness, inducing pests, changing the weather, bringing about earthquakes, moving the poles of the earth, etc. Apart from these installations of the US Army, there are many more in Berlin Tempelhof, Arecibo, Dushanbe, Gork City, Tromso, Monchegorsk, Sura and who knows where else.

These ELF-waves penetrate everywhere, even the earth and the oceans. They affect the scientifically well-known brain wave bands:

-Delta (1-3 Hz.)... deep sleep. coma;

-Theta (4-7 Hz.)... Hypnosis, Trance, Dream;

-Alpha (8-13 Hz.)... Meditation, Prayer, Relaxation;

-Beta (14-40 Hz)... Condition of Awakedness.

The ELF-Waves force our awareness and consciousness towards the delta and theta regions, causing tiredness, towards a lack of power, motivations and drives. It lowers or damages the immune system; one adopts a carpe diem life style. By means of these ELF-signals masses are converted into pack animals, working themselves to death, and into pathological consumer bees. They lose all revolutionary fervour and social optimism; they acquire a psychotic disassociation syndrome; as automatons, their minds and thoughts are being controlled. The result is that nobody thinks anymore, simply because there is no drive, no motivation, no power, no time to think any more. Such masses can be indoctrinated, manipulated very easily.

In conclusion, much of what is happening now on earth has very little to do with faith, fate, with "free will" or "divine will"; it is directed directly from the Pentagon, across the international mass media, music, commercials, electronic gadgets, or even directly from satellites.

At the moment, Latin America, Venezuela, Afghanistan and Iraq are experiment stations for all these mind and thought control devices, are guinea-pigs to test all the deadly, genocidal weapons of the USA, hence, Venezuela, beware! There are more than four "jíneteras del apocalípsis". The CIA hound-dogs, the moribund "coordinated, democratic" werewolves are everywhere, in church, in our beds, in the kindergarten, in class, in our development projects, in our very governments, in our political parties, in our very brains...

VHeadline.com - Franz J. T. Lee: Fate, HAARP, Project Sunshine and other WMD


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