The Un-Apologetic Atheist: Faith-Based Freedoms

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The editor of a women's rights magazine in Afghanistan has been arrested after publishing articles deemed blasphemous. Charges were filed against Ali Mohaqiq Nasab after a complaint by a religious advisor to President Hamid Karzai. Mr Nasab's magazine had questioned the harsh punishments for adultery and theft demanded by the most conservative interpretation of Islamic law. ... An influential religious adviser to President Karzai is reported to have taken exception to one of the articles published in the magazine and passed it on to the country's Supreme Court as potentially blasphemous. Mr Nasab was then arrested. (emphasis mine)

Blasphemous! Blasphemous!?! At least he's a man, so they'll offer him a farce trial before he is executed. Yeah, now that's bringing freedom to the people of Afghanistan! People wonder aloud to me why I am so vocally afraid of men like James Dobson and Pat Robertson-- well, this is it. When an "influential religious leader" can make a 'suggestion' to the Great Leader that results in the arrest of someone with opinions that go counter to the prevailing religious perspective, we have a problem. When I read that Dobson is hugely influential in the White House, it scares me. Especially in light of the new movement toward the popularization of theocratic ideas like Dominionism/Christian Reconstructionism, and of course Intelligent Design philosophy*.

Americans are so fond of the "can't happen here" attitude, but of course everywhere something bad has happened in history has been "here" to the people it happened to. As our President talks openly about his faith as a justification for warfare, and as "faith-based initiatives" (code for gov't-funded religious indoctrination in the hopes it produces a better society, of course ignoring that we know it does not!), and as our people clamor for public government Christianity and for god-magic to be taught in school as science while simultaneously decrying those atheists who ask for equal rights... not to mention our crusade against gays and other 'wrong thinkers', we move ever-closer to the examples set by Afghanistan and Iran. I have to say we're in deep, deep trouble.

I'm reminded of a bumper sticker I once saw on a friend's car:

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention...

The Un-Apologetic Atheist: Faith-Based Freedoms


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