They set themselves up on an ethical and religious pedestal, now they are falling from it

Moderate Oz Cooking blogs on GOPMO: "Being a registered Republican and up until the last 2004 election, having voted republican, I can honestly say I’ll be glad when Bush and his cronies are out of office and none too soon.". The worm is turning!!! -- law

Seems the Republican’s are no better than the Democarates….but..

They set themselves up on an ethical and religious pedestal. When you do that you had better be able to not only talk the talk but walk the talk as they say…live it out and it seems the high and mighty are falling….and fast! Here are a few interesting articles from Newsweek – just click the links Troubled Waters – War, storms, leak probes—and a growing array of ETHICS CLOUDS. Dark days for the Republican Party. 2 page article from Newsweek.

I firmly believe in the founding fathers reasons for separation of Church and State. (You should read Free Thinkers by Susan Jacoby and another book by a Pastor who is concerned about the blurred lines that Bush has developed between Church and State under his regime (I’ll have to find the book in my collection and list it later, as I can’t recall it’s name just now it might be called – God’s Politics by Jim Wallis but I am not sure that is the one. Anyway, there was a good reason that our initial writers and signatories of the Declaration built separation of Church and State into our Government. Remember they fled England from the persecutions of both the Roman Catholic Church that managed most of the politics of the day and due a break with catholism, believing instead of salvation by grace and following the new “Methodist” dissenters of Martin Luther. They had clear and personal experience with the entanglements that occur when Church and State are too close entwined and linked. There are multiple reasons for this, not the least of which is the fact that it might be all good when you ‘religious’ sect is in power but what might happen if your particular sect as it where has control any longer. Our own national history has shown the ebb and flow of even ‘sects’ in Christianity…i.e. Baptist, Catholics, Evangelical, Pentecostal, look at the California Azusa Street Revival in 1906 or so. Think of the issues in the Middle East, most of which are caused by differing Muslim religious sects (Sunnis and Shiites) that fight for power over their respective governments and countries. Religious wars have been fought for centuries and yet we still do not learn. Though we might not fight in terms of physical war in the U.S. (at least currently) we do so in ‘politics’. I for one am glad for the separation of Church and State and have been troubled for along time with Bush’s blend of the two. Further troubling with Bush is his use of and touting his Christian beliefs, yet his administration has been the most secretive presidential admin since Nixon (now doesn’t that raise at least a few alarms to you?). Where is the truth, the transparency? You can’t question him or he removes you from advising him, he does not allow disagreements with his positions, etc. His is an ideologue of the worst kind, having us believe he has our best interest at heart, when he is following vindication for his father, helping his rich cronies now seemly even in the disaster of Katrina, and the Republican Party is quickly falling apart it seems. I was terribly disappointed in our country re-electing him and believe that he, Cheney, Rove and Rumsfeld are the most dangerous men in both America and the World. (Check out Open Secrets for just a small sampling of the entanglements between corporate and politics of his top advisors and that is just the smallest and least scary of this bunch. Anyway, I am finished my rambling. After reading the above Newsweek article it just stirred up past issues and musings I’ve had. If you are interested read these other article links below. Seems the republicans are falling apart and I can not say that I am displeased. Being a registered Republican and up until the last 2004 election, having voted republican, I can honestly say I’ll be glad when Bush and his cronies are out of office and none too soon.

– How Bush Blew It – it is scary that Bush doesn’t read ANY daily newspaper…how can we have a President that is so out of touch with the world. His own advisors had to prepare a DVD of the devastation of Katrina to make him aware just how bad it was for his flight down from D.C. the hurricane ravaged coastline. This is both sad and scary. I mean even Julia Child when she was alive read 2 major news papers EVERY DAY of her life, to be informed about both international events and U.S. Politics (she we very active politically, having got her start in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and China working for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS, the forerunner of the CIA)...so if even she took the time to read 2 daily papers, you would think the President of the U.S. would do SOMETHING! (JFK read 5 major newspapers every Sunday). Don’t get me wrong, personally he might be a nice man, and I believe by all accounts he did the right thing visiting the devastated area, talking to people, etc. but he is still a scary president.

– Delay the Exterminator

– Role of Rove, Libby in CIA Leak Case Clearer

I sincerely hope you will take the time to read these articles to at least be aware of the issues in our current governing body.

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