Teen Suicide Work Exchange Program

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From over four years of online chatting with depressed, suicidal, self-harming (DSS) teens, I have come to a few conclusions:

* There is nothing genetically wrong with these teenagers
* They are highly intelligent, both in IQ and EQ
* They are highly sensitive. They care about other people.
* They live in invalidating homes and go to emotionally unsupportive schools
* Their depression, self-harming and suicide attempts are a direct result of their emotionally toxic environments. Their environments have given them deadly self-images and deadly pain avoidance "skills"
* Teen suicide can therefore be prevented by changing their living environments
* More suicides can be prevented through listening to teens, providing emotional support and helping change their environments than through putting them on medication

I have realized this problem is so serious that it needs much more focused attention. The public is very misinformed about teen depression, self-harm and suicide, and the teens are not receiving much useful help. That's why I am starting this special work exchange program.

Teen Suicide Work Exchange Program


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