Summary of the right wing's reasons to be wary of Miers:

by thirdparty on Fri Oct 7th, 2005

summary of the right wing's reasons to be wary of Miers:

1.Her favorite Justice is "Earl... Warren...Burger"(?)
2.She "toned" down a WH Christmas message because it was "too Christian"(?!)
3.She set up a liberal lecture series at SMU.
4.She donated money to Al Gore AND the DNC.
5.She spoke out in favor of affirmative action quotas while she was at the Dallas City Council.
6. She presided over ABA meetings where official favorable ABA positions in regards to the International Crime Court and gay adoption were decided.
7. Bush named 4 persons to the Texas Supreme Court between 1994-2000, including Gonzo, while he named Miers....to the Texas Lottery Commision.
8. expressed dismay about the "federalist society types" Gonzo hed put in place at the Council's Office (further comments unfavorable about federalist society also available at the Knight Ridder newspapers recent article).

Sounds like a "mainstream nominee"....... from the Clinton administration.

Harriet "Souter" Miers, ladies and gentlemen!

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