Strolling around Lost Lagoon: Disaster Redux

A new "blog find". His tagline is priceless! It has some politics but mostly deeply thought out, introverted posts. I like it, it is kind of poetry in blogging. It fits my mood for today, after reading so many bittersweet stories about bipolar people and their families, on DailyKos diary by pastordan... Empathy is a curse sometimes... -- law

Strolling around Lost Lagoon
A tragic tale of woe, broken dreams, shattered illusions, and small furry animals on the West Coast of Canada. Uncensored thoughts of a man before the coffee kicks in....

Friday, September 23, 2005
Disaster Redux
I wake up this morning, and apparently the gates of hell have opened up in the southern United States. Buses filled with seniors exploding on the highway, and levees flooding open again.

One has to wonder, if there truly is a christian god, surely he or she would be doing a better job of protecting this country which proclaims itself to be built on Christian values. In the past 5 years, there have been more episodes of mass destruction man made and natural,Than I remember in my lifetime.

What is even more interesting, these disasters seem to be taking place in the most religious parts of the, the Carolinas, Alabama, Texas, Louisiana. I don't believe there is a conncection between God and these disasters, I believe it's a fluke. However if I were a religious man, I would begin to wonder if my god truly did love me if these things were going on. The deal that seems to be implicit in all religious teaching, is that if you follow the guidelines set out in the bible and fight to protect christian values, which according to some of these yahoos involves persecuting gay people and shoving the ten commandments down everyone's throat, god will protect you.
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(about her)
..There is one person in my life, someone who makes me feel a little bit lighter a little bit less pulled down. Sadly, it's a one way thought, the circumstances are such that it will never be more than a one way attraction. I realize that, but I just hope the person knows that for the few moments I spend with them, my world is a little bit less heavy, that by not doing anything but being visible to me she makes the ground that I trod upon a little bit softer.
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The soul of a man is a strange thing. It can create the most beautiful music, art, and poetry, and yet has the capacity to commit the most hideous acts. I've seen the heights that a person can go to, and also beared witness to the lowest depravities a man can sink to....
There's a word in Dutch, "genot" which doesn't translate literally into English. It's the good feeling you have after a pleasant experience. I don't think I've ever experienced "genot". When things go well for me, reality comes crashing down on me like hounds through a door...
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Strolling around Lost Lagoon: Disaster Redux


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