Six Dead of Unknown Respiratory Illness in Canada - Yahoo! News

TORONTO - An unknown respiratory illness has struck an Ontario nursing home, killing six elderly patients — including two announced Monday — and infecting at least 79 residents, employees and visitors.

Toronto public health officials are monitoring 170 people connected to Seven Oaks Home for the Aged in Scarborough, a bedroom community just east of Toronto, including families and children who attend a day-care center in the building. Though Seven Oaks is not under quarantine, no visitors have been allowed for several days.

The overnight deaths of two women, aged 95 and 79, brought to six the number of people who have died from the respiratory illness.

Anxiety over the outbreak has been exacerbated by renewed fears of SARS — severe acute respiratory syndrome — which claimed 44 lives in Toronto from two outbreaks in early 2003. More than 8,000 people worldwide contracted the illness and some 774 people died.

Six Dead of Unknown Illness in Canada - Yahoo! News


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