Presstitutes: Cash-To-Blog


We invite you to send us documented instances of Pre$$titution to presstitutes@gmail.com. Please read What is a Pre$$titute for an idea of the type of content we post. We will review your submission and pay you $10 via PayPal if it is accepted. Your submission will be posted on the Presstitutes.com homepage and payment will be made within 72 hours of posting. There is no limit to the number of items you can submit.

Use the following guidelines when submitting an item:

* Wherever possible, include audio, video, or written transcripts to document your submission.
* Provide a brief description of the content, including source, time and date.
* Include your PayPal account, email address and any other relevant contact information.
* Include the name and contact info, website, etc. you’d like us to use when crediting you. (All submissions will be kept anonymous unless otherwise requested)
* If your submission is based on the work of another blog or website, please provide a link to the original source.

Presstitutes: Cash-To-Blog


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