Petrelis Files. Jeff Gannon, Blade Writer: Still Kissing Bush's Butt

Jeff Gannon, Blade Writer: Still Kissing Bush's Butt

Former White House shill, um, reporter, Jim Guckert, alias Jeff Gannon, seems blissfully ignorant about Bush's very-scripted video talk this morning with our soldiers in Iraq.

He writes on his blog:

"President Bush held a live conversation with troops stationed in Iraq this morning. These men and women are upbeat and confident, brimming with the good news about the war that the Old Media won't report."

Here's how one member of the Old Media, the Associated Press, covered the conversation:

"The exchange was carefully choreographed.

"Before it began, a Pentagon official coached the troops, telling them the president planned to ask questions on three topics: The overall security in Iraq, how they were preparing for the vote on Saturday and how much progress had been made in the training of Iraqi troops."

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