The Left Coaster: Goebbels Would Call Them "Rookies"

It’s so pathetic now that even the AP is coming out and snarking at Bush’s lame media events. Notice the wire story from the AP this afternoon on what they call Bush’s “video rally” for the troops in Iraq, where scripted questions were pitched to soldiers coached on what to say.

The president engaged in a carefully choreographed question-and-answer session with 10 American servicemen and women and one Iraqi soldier, whom he saw on a large video screen set up in a room of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next to the White House.

Before it began, a Pentagon official coached the troops, telling them the president planned to ask questions on three topics: The overall security in Iraq, how they were preparing for the vote on Saturday and how much progress had been made in the training of Iraqi troops.

Allison Barber, a Pentagon official, said Bush would ask them specifically, “In the last 10 months, what kind of progress have we seen?”

She asked who was prepared to answer the question. “Master Sgt. Lombardo,” one said.

After Bush asked just that question, Master Sgt. Corine Lombardo responded: “Over the past 10 months, the capabilities of the Iraqi security forces are improving ... They continue to develop and grow into a sustainable force.”

She also remarked “I am a robot-smile into the camera”.

I’m sure Corine can now pick up her Actor’s Equity card from Steve Schmidt, who was sent over to Iraq from Cheney’s office just this week to 1) escape Patrick Fitzgerald, and 2) set up a spin and propaganda effort like this one.

And Scott McClellan got lit again today for lying about this (surprise, surprise). These guys don’t even try hard anymore to swindle us.

The Left Coaster: Goebbels Would Call Them "Rookies"


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