Latest GOP talking point: Everybody does it

.. but, they whine, "IOACIYAR"... (It's only a crime if you are a Repuglican) - which is the PC way they found to say "IOIYAR" - It's Ok if you are a Repuglican

Who does Kristol remind me of ? Cohen!!! Delay!

Cohen's arguments on his latest "Go home Pat" op/ed "suicide" were basically the same: Conservatives are being persecuted for being politicians... -- law

As Kossack MA Gotlieb noted: There is a new audacious meme floating out of the mouths of neo-cons lately.. "the criminalization of politics"

Kristol: Criminalizing Conservatives
Fall of 2005 will be remembered as a time when it became clear that a strategy of criminalization had been implemented to inflict defeat on conservatives.
by William Kristol
10/24/2005, Volume 011, Issue 06

Delay: The Politicization of Crime
DeLay has denied any wrongdoing and in an April letter to supporters borrowed a phrase coined by a long-ago besieged President Clinton, arguing his opponents' only agenda "is the politics of personal destruction," to which he added, "and the criminalization of politics

Cohen: Let This Leak Go
the administration.. set out to impeach Wilson's credibility.. Not nice, but it was what Washington does day in and day out. ..This is rarely considered a crime. In the Plame case, it might technically be one, but it was not the intent of anyone to out a CIA agent and have her assassinated (which happened once) but to assassinate the character of her husband. This is an entirely different thing. She got hit by a ricochet.

Daily Kos: Kristol: Its a vast left wing conspiracy


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