Last Throes ? Cheney Urges Patience in War on Terror

Last Throes his arse!!! -- law

WASHINGTON Oct 5, 2005 — The United States must be prepared to fight the war on terror for decades to bring peace to Iraq and the rest of the Middle East, Vice President Dick Cheney said Wednesday.

"Like other great duties in history, it will require decades of patient effort, and it will be resisted by those whose only hope for power is through the spread of violence," said Cheney. "As the people of that region experience new hope, progress, and control over their own destiny, we will see the power of freedom to change our world and a terrible threat will be removed."

Cheney did not specify how long he believes U.S. troops will have to stay in Iraq, just as other administration officials have avoided providing a timetable. Some military commanders have expressed hopes that substantial American withdrawals could begin next spring or summer, though they have edged away from such comments in recent days.

ABC News: Cheney Urges Patience in War on Terror


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