Kos blogger: Why I don't like homosexuality despite being gay

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First- Let's be clear here. I'm a gay man. I am NOT a closeted gay man, I'm an open to everyone, in your face gay.. So what could I, as an open gay man, not like about homosexuality?

hint #1 - it's not the sex with men part.

For starters - I don't like the part where my parents told me I was a complete embarrassment and that they didn't know how they would go on, when I first came out to them. That hurt. Definitely a bad part of being gay.

Secondly - I am the last male in my family, from a long line of last males. My family name dies with me. Apparently [that bothers] my father..

What else don't I like about homosexuality-
oh...i remember - how about a couple of years ago when my grandmother had a heart attack and we thought she was going to die. I had plans to come to see her and was told that I could come, but was not welcome with my partner...

I don't like being told that I'm a pervert and that I'll molest your children. I mean, that's just not true nor nice. Well...the pervert part might be partly true, but I know straight guys who are far more perverted, and it really doesn't affect anyone but me.

I don't like being held up as the whipping boy of both parties, one party pointing at me saying I'm evil and should be stoned to death, and the other party saying that the stones should at least be very small stones and that you can only throw them lightly.

There are so many things not to like about homosexuality, that it's hard to list them all. One of things that I dislike the MOST however is the suggestion by people that if given a choice from birth that I would choose to be straight. It took 24 years to learn who I was and become comfortable with that, and it's something I still work on daily, but this is who I am, and given a choice, I would chose to be exactly this, because it is all I know.

I guess when it comes down to it, the thing I like least about homosexuality is that everyone around me seems to want to destroy my happiness with myself. I will not join them nor aid them in their maliciousness.

Daily Kos: Why I don't like homosexuality


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