k / o: titanic and iceberg coming

Judith Miller and her lawyers, in concocting this self-serving excercise in elision and obfuscation, and the editors of the New York Times, in delivering it to their readers, have sent a clear message to the broader public: find a life raft, quick

The sound you hear. Of metal bending and creaking...of water flooding into the steerage...is the sound of something unsinkable foundering...and the unthinkable...that the New York Times would be played like a Times Square mark in a game of three-card monte ...repeatedly...is there for all the world to see. Judith Miller's article is a disgrace. The fact that no one at the Times had the ability to call her out is even more disgraceful.

All bets are off. This is the best the New York Times had to offer.

Judith Miller is a con. The NYT, in addition to being her mark, got played to be her shill, apparently, without even knowing it, and, if you count WMD this happened twice.

If you ask me, that metallic groan you hear tonight is the sound of the Titanic sinking.

k / o: titanic and iceberg


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