Jenna and Barbara on the Supreme Court ?

Harriet Miers has a blog. The colloquial style of her blog is fun and upbeat. You can't help but cheer for her, particularly when she correctly (and manipulatively ?) notes that John Roberts didn't get nasty gender bashing comments like she did.

The blog is all about telling a story: faithful and dreamy hardworking gal gets surprised by her boss with a big break. It reminded me of "Working Girl", that Melanie Griffith's movie where she is a secretary that gets to act like a top female executive and then lands a job as such.

But then it hit me: Her gushing about the new promotion, her wardrobe tips, raspberries to critics and mannerisms are way too young minded for a 60 year old. Not unless she spent her last 40 years in a comma, as it seems like the writer is a 20 something, getting a taste of the spotlight. Have a look:

Does anyone have any good recommendations of general books on Constitutional Law, history of the Supreme Court, etc? THANX!!!
Also, got recognized at Charlie Palmer's tonight--like THREE TIMES! I'm going to start carrying a pen for autographs
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An open letter to the Honorable J. Michael Luttig

Re: "open letter to president Bush"
Dear Judge Luttig,

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Good morning blog-o-nauts!! Well, I hope its a good morning for you... because over here in the southwest corner of the West Wing, things aren't going so hot. Let me give youa tip: if your ever nominated to the supreme Court,, you don't have to accept every free drink on your first night.,,,
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But then the mistery gets explained:

Here's the exciting part... there's a chance Karen Hughes might start helping me out!!! She's so thoughtful... when i got confirmed, she sent me flowers even though she was busy with diplomacy in the Arab World. I admit it, I have a total girlcrush!

That is when I realize where did I see this style before: Jenna and Barbara speaking at the 2004 RNC convention in New York. Guess who helped them with the speech ? Yep, Karen Hughes!

So here we have a 60 year old acting like a blushing 20 year old. And that person is going to be our next Supreme Court Justice ?

I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm all for 20 year olds acting like this, but it does get weird when a 60 year old acts like this. It's like having Dexter's sister Deedee on an office as top coucil!

Karen, I think you are going for the wrong demographics. People may think blushing maidens are cute, but they usually don't hire them as lawyers

Harriet Miers's Blog!!!


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