The J Curve: Reverberations of Friendship

Another Web 2.0 guru / blogger. I'm adding it to my blogroll, to have some diversity in my links. It is refreshing sometimes to read a blog that has nothing about Bush, muslims, crimes, freedom, censorship... And that has so many references that go above your head that it reads like new age music... You can identify and relate to some echoes but you discover a bit more every time you see it... What can I say, I was an IT geek in my pre-blog life! -- law

I was reading my usual geek fare, such as Matt Ridley’s Nature Via Nurture, a wonderful synthesis of phylogenetic inertia, nested genetic promoter feedback loops, bisexual bonobo sisterhoods, and the arrested development of domesticated animals.

While reading various interviews of Craig Venter, I stumbled across a nugget of sculptured prose from Patti Smith, which eloquently captures the resonant emotional filtration of a newfound friend and, in a more abstract way, the curious cultural immersion I felt...

Patti Smith's nugget at the source:
The J Curve: Reverberations of Friendship


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