Iraq through the looking glass

Interesting blog - by ays - from an Iraqi (sounds true enough) mildly conservative and pro American (Bush) who slowly gets disilusioned with the occupation... -- law

Posts in reverse order (older to newer) to reflect time passing:

Hi friends - November 30, 2003
*Today we went to our center, we were surprised, the center is clean, cute and will be ready to treat the patients. The center was neglected before, now it's better ...and better!

A debate with Abu Mohaimen[the anti American] - September 07, 2004
We started our debate regarding the chaos that happened in AlNajaf and criticizing and mocking Muqtada, then he said: ‘…but America wants this chaos to continue, they do not want peace in Iraq..and….’
I said interruptedly ‘why?.. what for?’...
..there are many like Abu Mohaimen.. some Iraqis complain from a sort of ‘Paranoid personality’ characterized by the suspicion, awareness and feeling that they are always targeted, all of that because of the ex-regime, oppression is the main cause.
Some Iraqis now are torn; they can’t decide who’s the friend and who’s the enemy, so they mix the facts without knowing that..it’s kind of psychological conflict which will end in a calm environment, i.e, when Iraq becomes safe.

What are you doing for us? October 13, 2004
A couple of days ago I was at the Turkish Embassy in Baghdad to get a Visa to Turkey as it is possible to travel there now, I was so happy with my new passport written on it ‘occupation: Dentist’! Since it was one of the impossible things for doctors to get out of Iraq under Saddam..

Let me tell you what happened there:
There were more than 400, all of those wanted Visas.. I don’t know if it was the IP’s [Iraqi Police's] fault or the people. Anyhow, there was a barbed wire all around the place and the people must stay behind it until the IP permit to enter according to a paper containing some names that have been recorded in the early morning .. We kept waiting and waiting, seeing some guys get into the Embassy after talking with some IP members, the people got upset from this scene, they were whispering to each other about bribes taken by the IP members.. then the IP began to push the crowd here and there, insulting them, then shooting bullets in the air, the IP cars moved and blocked the roads, the people especially women got so afraid of all of this chaos, I was watching at first, but then got out of the place because many quarrels and shootings have happened [this way]

October 08, 2004
...Today, my grandpa told me to go to a Mosque and give some money to the poor people who are used to sit near the Mosques on Friday to get some Dinars from AlMusalleen (the Muslims who do the prayer)..
I couldn’t park my car near the Mosque cause I couldn’t get a permission from those excited guards there.. [walking] I found a blind man sitting near the door of the Mosque, and old women on the other side of the door…few pale children were on the other side of the street sitting near a bony woman..it’s so painful to see them in this situation, especially those kids..

October 18, 2004
My brother’s friend has been killed in AlAnbar governorate last week, ‘AlTawheed wa AlJihad’ which belongs to AlZarqawi is responsible for that, they killed his wife too, because they were ‘cooperating with the occupier’.
In fact they were doctors and supplying the Iraqi National Guards with some necessary medical things.
They’ve been beheaded also.
I wonder when we can arrest one of those terrorists. We always find the corpses of the victims and can not capture those criminals, yes there are operations in Fallujah against the terrorists but I did not hear news saying that one of those terrorists was killed or captured.
I think the enemy is stronger than we expect.

December 08, 2004
Hi all,
What's going on in Iraq, my parent called and said that the situaton is getting worse everyday, no electricity, petrol, gas, and the terrorists are threatening to bomb the elections' centers especially the Shia ones..
If the situation continues like that, I think the elections must be postponded...

December 27, 2004
Do you remember my friend Alaa? he's died.. I recieved an e mail from my friend saying that Alaa died because of a sudden deterioration ...
God damn this situation....

Is that our fate? - April 30, 2005
First of all, I am so sorry for this long absence, I can't explain everything now, but let's say I was trying to reorganize my life, or in a better way, begin a new life after realizing new facts or the same facts that I couldn't or didn't want to realize.
I'm still out of my country living a peaceful and quiet life like any other human being, which is the simplest thing, and this simple thing has not been achieved until now in Iraq.
I lost nearly all the optimism I had regarding the future of Iraq, it's now a battle zone..

I feel so sad when I think that the future is unknown, completely unknown..I can briefly compare the situation in Iraq now with those simple words: it was very bad, and now it is bad and I don't know whether it will continue like this or go back to the 'very bad'.
Whom to stand against now? The neighbors? The Islamic fundamentalists? Or who?
Ah.. I remembered the Islamists, this is one of the things that is incurable especially in Iraq..I feel free now regarding religion, I can speak freely and nobody cut my head! Well this is a dream and it is impossible to be achieved especially when it is mentioned in 'Muslims' holy book' to fight the 'infidels' so this gives a 'great opportunity' to the idiots to 'win the paradise', this is now applied against Americans and the 'collaborators' in Iraq when the happy Mujahid enter among the 'infidels' with a bomb on his butt….after that his 'holy soul' goes up and have lunch with the prophet!

Iraq scene is so complicated to the extent that nobody can put an end to this case, and may be this is the end?
I am writing now what I feel and what I am thinking of, and I'm sorry for this sudden change in my thoughts and enthusiasm but I think it is enough..
I see everybody is dying ..losing friends..losing hope..and I would lose myself if I stayed there..
We want to live…
We want to build our lives..
We want to build a future to our children..
Will they leave us do that?
And will others really help us?
Iraq at a glance


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